Fundraising Resources

ALS is not incurable, only underfunded. Please support the ALS Therapy Development Institute in our race against time.

Our innovative science and cutting edge approach have resulted in:

  • The identification of a promising treatment for ALS: AT-1501.
  • The largest database of preclinical drug studies in animal models of ALS.
  • The world's first and largest Precision Medicine Program for ALS.
  • The largest database integrating ALS genetics, voice recordings, lifestyle, demographics and accelerometer data.

You can help us push the pace of research. The more we fundraise, the closer we get to an effective therapy for this horrific disease. All participants will receive a fundraising page where they can share their story, track their fundraising and family and friends can donate. We understand that fundraising can be challenging. The following fundraising resources will get you started. Please contact us at and we would be happy to brainstorm additional ideas!


Fundraising Steps to Success

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